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Skin Rejuvenation
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Chico Electrolysis Center
Jacqueline Kowtko, PhD, LE, CPE

Local Dermatologist and Local Physician Recommended.


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Skin Rejuvenation

Chico Electrolysis Center offers a relaxing skin rejuvenation treatment for your face and neck, to help restore a more youthful look and quality to your skin.  The Jeunesse micro current system stimulates the skin to produce more natural collagen and elastin, as well as to increase circulation.  A series of four to six treatments can provide benefits such as

✔ Reduced lines and wrinkles

✔ Gently lifted jaw and eye areas

✔ Improved skin tone

✔ Firmer skin

Clients describe the experience as deeply relaxing.  Because micro current is close to the body’s own electrical levels, you will not feel it.

After your first treatment you will immediately see finer lines and wrinkles reduce.  Changes in firmness and tone begin to show after two or more treatments.  After an initial series, periodic maintenance treatments are recommended.

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